ECCO the Dolphin on Nintendo Switch?

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One Can Only Hope



Nintendo Switch is selling out like hotcakes and the rumors continue about possible games making it to the console. This time, Ed Annunziata tweeted a picture with a very familiar building on the background.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ed Annunziata, a brief look at his Twitter profile will tell you everything you need to know.


Aside from knowing that he’s a happily married dad, Ed Annunziata is behind some of the most adored games of the early 90s like ECCO the Dolphin, Tiny Tank, and Mr. Bones. Of course, having Nintendo featured on the background of the picture he tweeted is no indication that he is working with Nintendo, and we’ve already had some false alarms, like South Park being teased for the Nintendo Switch.

It also should be known that Nintendo is actively trying to secure more games for its console, Also, possible collaborations like Super Bomberman R where Nintendo and Konami got the original Hudson Soft developers to work on it could definitely be a possibility.

One thing Nintendo knows how to do best is to tickle our nostalgic senses, which are always ready to embrace new versions of the older games that we love so much, much like ECCO the Dolphin.

Source: Twitter


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