Universal Studios Japan CEO believes Super Nintendo World can add over 3 million yearly visitors

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The Power of Nintendo


Universal Studios Japan released their Fiscal Year 2016 numbers, indicating that for the third consecutive year, the park had an increase of visitors, totaling over 14.6 million for the year.

In previous years, Universal Studios of Japan had struggled to get people in the door, when the number of visitors fell to 7.5 million, but the opening of new areas such as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and additional sections for games and animation not based on blockbuster movies has helped turned their fortunes.

This is expected to continue with a new area, Minion Park, scheduled to open later this year.


Jean Louis Bonnie, CEO of Universal Studios Japan expects great things from Super Nintendo World, which is on track to release in 2020, stating that they are expecting the new Nintendo theme park section alone to increase visitors to the park by over 3 million.

Source: Dr. Serkan Toto Twitter

Source: Sankei.com


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