Possible pricing error has Nintendo Switch version of RIME priced at $29.99

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UPDATE: RIME for Nintendo Switch is now listed as ‘Currently Unavailable’


RIME by Tequila Works games caused quite a stir when the final pricing for the game was announced. Retailed at $29.99 for both PS4 and Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch version was announced at $39.99, with the publisher stating that the reason it was more expensive than the other version was because of the added development costs and the cost of the cartridges.

Some people showed disdain for the price and decided not to purchase the game once it became available. Well, if you were one of those people, it is time for you to reconsider.

Amazon is currently listing the Switch version of RIME for $29.99.

Here is the Amazon listing:


There is speculation that this is a pricing error on Amazon’s part, so if you want to get the game for the same price as on PS4 and Xbox One, you better hurry up. Even better, for Amazon Prime members, you can get the game for $23.99 instead.

Or could this be Tequila Works reacting to the initial backlash and reconsidering their stance on pricing the game differently from the other consoles? Either way, it is a good time to pre-order the game.

Source: Dystify

Source: Amazon Website


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