Nintendo Direct Predictions: April 12th 2017

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So we have a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow and I was thinking about some of the things they could talk about and announce. While this direct is mainly focusing on Arms and Splatoon, I cannot see them spending a majority of the time talking about just those. So I am going to discuss my predictions for what games are shown/announced, when they are coming out, and if any new Amiibo get announced. I will not go in depth about what they talk about during the segments but I will give my brief thoughts. I do think this will be around 35-45 minutes, being an average length of a Direct. Some have speculated this is going to be a very light Direct content wise but I have a feeling this is going to be one of the bigger Directs Nintendo has had but I may be wrong.


  • Splatoon 2 (Obviously):

I predict we see a bunch of weapons both returning and new and at least one new weapon type. As well as a couple new and returning maps and a tease at what the story mode is going to be like. I am very excited for this game to come out and I predict that we will see an early Summer release. I have made three predictions on when it could come out. I think either June 23rd, July 14th, or July 21st. I hope we do not have to wait any longer than that for this game because I don’t know if I could!

  • Arms (Obviously):

I feel like we will see a few new characters and maps, as well as a few new arm selections to battle with. This game looks exciting but unfortunately I don’t know much about it. I am excited to learn more tomorrow and expect a late May/early June release. I predict either May 26th or June 9th. Arms is coming this Spring supposedly so it seems likely

  • Pikmin 3DS3123423-pikmin

We haven’t seen Pikmin since the September Nintendo Direct and that really shocks me. I expected this game to be an early 2017 title for the 3DS, even before the Switch release date however I was wrong and we still know nothing about this game. We have to see this game tomorrow with a new trailer and hopefully an official name and release window.

  • Fire Emblem Echoes:

We know a lot about this game, seeing multiple trailers and actually seeing the game announced in it’s own Fire Emblem Direct back in January and we have seen multiple trailers ever since. I think we get mention of the game because it comes out next month along with two new Amiibo based on the two main characters.

  • Ever Oasis:

Another game that we haven’t seen in awhile. This game was revealed back at E3 2016 and we haven’t seen it since the 3DS Direct last year. Just like Pikmin, this is another game that I guarantee we see during this Direct.

  • Miitopia:

A Japanese exclusive that came to the 3DS late last year. This Mii RPG game could see a release worldwide and I think it will but I could see this being an E3 reveal. However I hope we see this game as soon as possible.

  • Indie/Third Party:

I don’t think we see too much of either. We could get a sizzle reel or have some small updates on games such as Yooka Laylee and Stardew Valley but even that doesent seem extremely likely. I guess we will see tomorrow but I believe this may be a Nintendo focused direct with little from other developers.

  • Unexpected Announcement:

Come on, every Direct has that one big reveal that no one knew about, I see this direct as no exception. I cannot predict what that is but i’m hoping for a Pikmin tease or something but I predict that will come at E3.


Arms Amiibo:

Arms has the potential to be the breakout hit that Splatoon was on Wii U a couple years ago. If Arms was to get Amiibo I think they would have to be based on Springman and Ribbongirl. I do think we see Amiibo for this game at launch just like Splatoon did. I definitely see these Amiibo being shown tomorrow if they are coming with the game this Spring.

Splatoon 2 Amiibo:

So nothing is confirmed but Splatoon has seen tons of Amiibo throughout it’s two years of being out. With the Squid and both genders of Inklings getting Amiibo, as well as Callie and Marie. We even saw at a recent event  a large pink Squid Amiibo. While I do not want to see another recoloring of existing Amiibo, it would be nice to see a couple new Amiibo based on smaller characters like Judd. I predict we see a new Splatoon Amiibo tomorrow. images





Rumored Zelda Amiibo:

A while back someone found in the Wii U versions code of Breath of the Wild three unannounced Amiibo, one from Majoras Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Capture

Nothing has been said about these Amiibo so they may have just been scraped ideas but it is possible to spawn in both the Majora’s Mask and Skyward Sword Amiibo using hacks to receive costumes from both games.

I think these Amiibo are likely to come out at some point but i’m not 100% sure we will see them tomorrow but I hope we do though.

What I don’t think we see is the Cloud, Bayonetta, and Corrin Amiibo for Smash. I think they are saving those for an E3 announcement when they reveal the rumored “Smash 4 Switch” Port. I would like to see them but this seems to be a more likely scenario. We could possibly see the Corrin Amiibo for Fire Emblem Echoes but that would be an exception.

New Switch Features: img_7268

Virtual Console:

We all know this is coming sooner or later and I hope it happens sooner. While an E3 announcement is a big possibility, I predict at least mention of Virtual Console during this direct if not starting on that day, I predict we receive a brief mention of what will be on the service whenever it launches.


A big seller on the 3DS, themes could be a big seller on the Switch. As of now we only have the basic black and white themes which are nice and subtle but it really doesent make your Switch seem very unique. Themes could provide a sense diversity and could provide music for an otherwise boring home menu. I don’t know how likely it is we see themes but I would love to see them tomorrow.

Online Service:

Something they may avoid discussing until E3 but I think this is a great time to at least tease and discuss more about the service such as the price and what all will be included. They could also tie this all into Splatoon and Arms as they are both online games, especially Splatoon!

I think that’s the majority of my predictions and I hope that we get much more announced then just a couple 3DS games and Arms and Splatoon but who knows! Do you agree or disagree with me? What are your predictions for tomorrows Direct? Let me know! I am hyped yet nervous for this Direct and I hope they bring some exciting news tomorrow! Even if they don’t however E3 is only about two months away at least….


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