Splatoon 2 launches on July 21st!!!

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Possible four player co-op mission!


Today’s Nintendo Direct has ended, but not before showing Splatoon 2. Originally believed to be released sometime this summer, it has been confirmed that the game launches this July 21st!

Not only has the game been given a date, but a new set of amiibo figures will also be launching that same date!


As if this weren’t enough, a new game mode has been announced for Splatoon 2, called Salmon Run. In the game the Inklings travel to a new region inhabited by the Chum, with the video showing what is believed to be four-player co-op for this section.





Inklings are able to heal their down teammates spraying them with ink, although it is not clear if they are all playable by other human players.

Visiting the world inhabited by the Chum will allow players to fight for collectibles and upgrades, allowing players to obtain new gear. Inklings will also collect golden eggs, which will need to be transported back to Inkopolis.

Splatoon 2 launches this July 21st alongside the three new amiibos and the new Salmon Run game mode!

You can visit the official Splatoon 2 page for more game announcements.

Source: Nintendo of America YouTube


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