SPOILERS: 4 New Characters In ARMS Discovered

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NeoGaf users made some big discoveries with in yesterdays Nintendo Direct, as they seemingly uncover four unrevealed characters for ARMS. Here is what was found (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Users in a NeoGAF thread discovered some unannounced Characters within a menu shown off yesterday during the ARMS preview in the Nintendo Direct.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 10.02.41 PM.png

As you can see in the image, the banner at the bottom shows some unknown figures that haven’t been formally seen in-game. NeoGAF users brightened up the picture and cropped out for a better look at the characters.

Here are the images and what I interpreted from them:


The clearest image shows a woman with a luchador-esque mask.


Next to her is a interesting looking figure that looks to be a robot, with blue eyes and goggles (?)


This last image shows what might be a white robot with purple eyes and a cylindrical head on the left. On the right you can also see what might be a robot with a face that looks like a watermelon and pixelated eyes.

With this, the character roster adds up to a solid 10 characters:

  • Spring Man
  • Ribbon Girl
  • Mechanica
  • Master Mummy
  • Ninjara
  • Minmin
  • Luchadora (As I’ll call her)
  • Triangular Blue Robo
  • Marshmallow Dude
  • Watermelon Bot


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