Famicom Mini also ending production alongside NES Classic Edition, or is it?

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Nintendo seemingly shuts down production worldwide


NES Classic Edition’s rise to fame was much like a Supernova. At its highest point it shone the brightest, mesmerizing everyone who saw it. Then, in the blink of an eye it was gone.

That is what happened yesterday when Nintendo of America announced that the NES Classic Edition would be discontinued. Ever since it launched just before the Holiday season in 2016, the NES Mini was THE most sought after item, far outpacing the demand of even Hatchimals who were as rare a sighting as finding a shiny Salander in Sun and Moon.


News got worse today as we were given additional confirmation that the Famicom Mini’s run is at an end, or is it? The official site of the Famicom Mini hints at us that there’s a possibility of it returning at some point:


Could it be that Nintendo of America misspoke and the NES Classic Edition is also ending production, but only temporarily? Or is this Nintendo’s way to try to appease the outrage of those who spent months looking for one, only to come up empty-handed?

It is easy to see the frustration of fans when the only way to get one seems to be by giving in to scalper’s prices which will surely rise to astronomical numbers after this announcement.


The reasons behind the stoppage could be many. With the Nintendo Switch becoming the biggest selling launch for a Nintendo system ever, production lines are currently busy trying to catch up to the demand. This would suggest that the NES Classic Edition has taken a back seat, and understandably so, because Switch is what will define success for Nintendo over the next five-plus years.

Another reason could be behind the current distribution of NES Mini systems. Scalpers have enjoyed the scarcity of the releases, getting their hands on the handful of systems shipped to retailers every week, and this made it almost impossible for the average Joe to get one. Perhaps Nintendo wants to produce a large amount of them and flood the market at once, essentially eliminating the Scalpers from the equation?

Or could it be that Nintendo is getting ready to introduce their Virtual Console lineup on the Switch, and they view the NES Mini as a direct competition to it?

Either way, the NES Classic Edition will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

Source: Official Famicon Mini Website


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