When is Virtual Console launching and what will be there when it does?

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As we know Virtual Console has yet to be included on the Switch. So far all we really know is that they will have to be there by this Fall for the monthly NES or SNES download every month with added online features, that’s all we know. So that got me thinking, are they really gonna wait until Fall to launch the Virtual Console service along with the paid online? I could see them doing it but I don’t think it’s likely. screenshot_111

I think that we see the Virtual Console service launch at E3. It’s the perfect time to launch the service as we are entering the Switch’s first Summer and even though it seems we have a busy Summer coming up with Arms and Splatoon 2, I think they would want to launch the service then just so they have even more content coming to the system on a weekly basis.

What will be on the Virtual Console on day one and how much can we expect on a weekly basis? Will the service be just like the Wii U service? I think Nintendo would be smart enough to realize that the slow releases of big games, only having around two a week was not a good idea. Most of the time the games coming to the Eshop were games most people did not want to buy. I think Nintendo will at least make an effort to release one or two bigger Virtual Console games every month. This however depends on what they launch the service with. They will either be lazy and do similar to what they did with Wii U and launch with NES-SNES and maybe Gamecube, with each system having 3-5 games. Or what I think they should do is launch the service with all systems they currently have on Wii U, those being NES-GBA (I don’t think DS and Wii games come back) and launching Gamecube along side it and making an effort to have 1-3 games per system every month. They could also launch the service with everything they already have on the Wii U Virtual Console but that seems extremely unlikely. nintendo-64-games-wii-u-virtual-console

Whatever they do, I hope they fix the issues and slow releases of systems and games that everyone wants to play. They have the chance to make this the best Virtual Console service they’ve done yet, or make it just as mediocre as it already is.

What do you guys think? How do you think they are going to handle the Virtual Console service and when do you think it’s going to launch? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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