Minecraft Switch to feature 60fps; world 13 times bigger than Wii U

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Mojang’s Finest is back


Microsoft streamed their Minecraft presentation, detailing the Switch version of the game and the improvements over the Wii U Edition. Cerium from NeoGAF was nice enough to provide details on his post explaining the differences between the Switch’s world size and other versions of the game.

When it comes to the world size:


Other key details from the presentation:

  • Minecraft Switch will run at 60fps both in docked and portable mode
  • Currently working on allowing transfer of Wii U game-world to Switch, although it won’t be available at launch
  • GLIDE DLC will be available as soon as they possibly can
  • Game will release with the January update and will be caught up to other versions after it releases.Minecraft Switch will also be running at 60 frames per second both in docked and portable mode. Mojang is currently working to allow transfer of your Wii U game world into the Switch, although this won’t be available at launch.

Minecraft will be releasing May 11th on the Nintendo Switch for $29.99.

Correction: Game-world on Switch is 13 times bigger than Wii U (3072 x 3072) is 12.64 times larger than (864 x 864)

Source: NeoGAF (Cerium)


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