Kamiko, a 2D Pixel Art Zelda-inspired Action RPG headed to Switch

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Homage to Zelda games of past


Kamiko is a 2D action RPG and was announced some time ago as a Nintendo Switch eShop title, even featured during the Japanese Nintendo Direct. A title that has a striking resemblance to previous Zelda titles from the NES and SNES era, Kamiko is already available on the Japan eShop for a modest 500 yen (roughly $4.58).

Regular Nintendo news contributor Dystify shared through his Twitter account during the Nintendo Direct that the title was made available that same day to Japan.

Now, Dystify reports that Kamiko will be available on the European eShop this April 27th for 4.99€ and that an American release should be expected shortly after:

For those of you who are not willing to wait for the imminent release in the North American eShop, the game does have an option to have its text entirely in English on both the European and Japanese versions.

Source: Dystify Twitter Account


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