Super Bomberman R to add three new crossover characters

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Prepare to Battle, Bomberman style!


There are no shortages of surprises when it comes to Konami and Super Bomberman R. With NPD reporting that it was one of the top 20 best sellers for the month of March, it is not a surprise that the game has received additional support after launch. Most recently, Super Bomberman R had a new stage added and the increase to 60 fps for online matches.

Konami will also be adding some of their most recognized franchises as additional roster characters for the game.

Belmont Bomber (Castlevania):


Pyramid Head Bomber (Silent Hill):


Vic Viper Bomber (Gradius):


It is becoming more evident that Konami is considering Super Bomberman R as a viable investment for the long-run, and updates like this will go a great way to showing potential adopters of the game’s longetivity.

What other characters do you want to see added?

Snake Bomber, please?

Source: Famitsu Website


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