Japan ARMS Twitter Account Reveals New Game Info

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The ARMS Japanese twitter account has recently shared some new information about the game with respective tweets and images, lets go over some new details about the game:

Alternate Character Skins


In tweets by the account, a black and blue Ribbon Girl outfit was shown off as she wears the Slapamander ARM in the image. Ribbon Girl didn’t get all the love though, as Ninjara was also shown off wearing some vibrant purple and magenta clothing.

As for what this means in terms of content, you can be sure that the other Characters will most certainly have alternate colors to choose from and maybe even skins that completely change how they look! Yet another layer of customization in this game.

A New Stage


Another tweet also revealed a new unseen stage. The stage seems to be called ARMS Lab, and it lives up to the name. Around the rectangular stage, you can see what seems to be dummies wearing spring arms with gloves at the end encased in greed tubes filled with liquid. Looking further into the background, you can see a screen on the right side with what looks like a strain of DNA, the fence at the very back of the stage also continues this scientific theme.


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