Nintendo Switch sales continue strong in Japan; 3DS still has life

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Holding on Steady


One of my favorite events every week is going into the NeoGAF threads and seeing the ‘Media Create’ sales, giving us a glimpse of how videogames are selling in Japan.

Of course, this is even more deer to me now with the release of the Nintendo Switch and seeing if people continue to embrace it or if it is slowly losing steam. The good news? Nintendo Switch once again has collectively sold more consoles than all others combined, and this in its 8th week and before Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has even been released.

Also, it can’t be said enough that Switch still hasn’t enjoyed the holiday push for additional console sales and is doing so during spring-time.

As it stands, Nintendo has sold just over 700,000 Switch units since launch in Japan, with the last few weeks holding steady at around 45K units sold weekly.

Switch has four games on the top 20 chart and the Nintendo 3DS has 8 total with the Wii U charting 1 title illustrating the continued dominance for Nintendo on the Japanese charts:

Media Create 04-26-17 Sales

There is additional information on the thread showcasing the Nintendo Switch’s launch and comparing it with other systems so please go visit it.

Source: NeoGAF


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