Kimishima promises “more unannounced titles” to help boost Switch sales

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E3 should be the gateway of information


During today’s financial briefing, Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima reiterated over and over again that there are “more unannounced titles” on the way and that those titles should help boost sales of the Nintendo Switch, as first reported by Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal via his Twitter account.

These news help compliment the current sales milestones that both the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have enjoyed during the month of March.

Nintendo also stated that they expect to sell a total of 10 million Switch units during their current fiscal year, but they are obviously tempering their expectations, as some firms have speculated that they could sell as many as 16 million Switch units during that same time.

With E3 starting on June 13th, perhaps we will have more light shed on games that are believed to be releasing sometime between summer and the end of March 2018.

What unannounced games do you think Kimishima was referring to?

Source: Takashi Mochizuki (Wall Street Journal)


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