New ARMS fighter HELIX introduced

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Yo DNA Man!


Nintendo UK released a Tweet introducing us to their newest character based on an adult version of flubber from the critically acclaimed Flubber movie starting Robin Williams (yes, I made all of that up.)

You may remember him as one of the characters that were discovered to be featured during the ARMS Nintendo Direct that some GAF members discovered after analyzing the ARMS footage:


Officially baptized as HELIX by Nintendo UK and known as DNA Man in Japan, he has come to increase the official roster size to seven fighters, with three others that have yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.

With only having the video as a reference for his playstyle, Helix already looks like a character that will be fun to play, making it frustrating for the opposing player to hit or predict its movement.

Nintendo continues to impress with the character design of the ARMS characters, and with the game also featured on this month’s EDGE Magazine cover, Nintendo is confident that they have a hit in their hands. ARMS looks to be part of a long-line of praised Nintendo IPs.

Source: Nintendo UK YouTube 


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