Nintendo takes to the sky to deliver Switch systems during launch month

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Take that Artificial Scarcity!


With Nintendo Switch becoming the “it” item of the Holi–, of the Spring, Nintendo is scrambling to produce as many units as possible to appease the desperate consumers who are hunting for one of those elusive systems (or who don’t believe in Gamestop bundles).

So much so that The Wall Street Journal reports that it was so crucial for systems to be available during the launch month that Nintendo took to the air to deliver them.

No, they didn’t exactly hire the Storks to help them deliver the systems. Instead, Nintendo is estimated to have paid as much as $45 per unit just to have the systems delivered in timely fashion, instead of the usual way which is by sea.

Earlier in the year Nintendo had anticipated that they would deliver 2 million units by the end of March, but instead they sold upwards of 2.74 million units during that same period, increasing the production of the Switch.

From The Wall Street Journal:


So if someone ever suggests that Nintendo is not meeting demand because of “artificial scarcity”, kindly throw this story in their face.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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