Rumor: Nintendo Direct could come as soon as next week

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It’s all in the code


This rumor comes through the keen eyes and sharp minds of sinonobu and tonyh24613 and pieced together by Cerium of NeoGAF fame and it does require some ‘outside-the-box’ thinking in order to see it. Basically, Gaffers have noticed a trend before Nintendo announces a Direct, and this trend has just repeated itself.

Apparently, as sinonobu pointed out, a new slot for a Nintendo Direct opened on the Japanese Nintendo Direct page roughly a week before the airing of the last direct.  Now, this same event has happened again.


Additional proof was provided by sinonobu who showed the Japanese Direct page before and after the announcement of the April Direct was made.


It could all easily be an over-reaction, but if Gaffers are correct, we could have an announcement for a new Direct as early as this week.  With recent trolling from The Pokémon Company addressing the ‘Stars’ rumors, perhaps the Direct could officially reveal the game, or we might be provided with additional announcements like the reveal of the SNES Mini, additional information on the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pack, or even details about the recently announced New Nintendo 2DS XL.

What could be announced if a new Direct were to happen?

Source: NeoGAF


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