RUMOR: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is real! Coming to Switch

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LKD Redeemed!


It’s been months since Laura Kate Dale broke the story about Nintendo and Ubisoft’s collaborative game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which was quickly dismissed by most people as being too outlandish to be true or highly unlikely that Nintendo would allow their mascot to be handled by someone outside of their in-house teams.

Forgetting of course that Mario has already been used in third-party games like Mario & Sonic at the Olympics or Super Mario RPG.

For me personally, the fact that this rumor was so out there confirmed that it was true. Surely, if you are going to come up with games with a shade of possibility of being real, this would not have been it. Later on Emily Rogers formed a duo with LKD and now Kotaku has made this into a trio with a serene harmony as they all sing the same song.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is REAL!

Of course some of us believed this all along, but it doesn’t change the fact that in the first year of the Nintendo Switch we will be getting THREE Mario games! When was the last time something like that happened? And to start a new console generation to boot.

Kotaku has been provided with assets confirming the authenticity of this title. Also, they mention that the game uses the Snowdrop engine, which is the same engine used on games like The Division or South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Would it be possible for Ubisoft to bring those titles to Switch now that it seems the engine has been made fully compatible on the console?

As far as Mario + Rabbids, Kotaku also mentioned details that have been previously rumored like the game featuring turn-based combat, allowing two-player local co-op, and that it has a goofy sense of humor (who didn’t see this one coming?).

The reason I am excited about this title is that Ubisoft could inject a fresh coat of ‘paint’ to the Mario RPG/Paper Mario formula, and that Nintendo does not have one of their in-house busy working on this game and instead has freed them to work on a different title.

In layman’s terms, moar gamez gud!

Source: Kotaku


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