How big will Nintendo’s E3 Presence Be?

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nintendo-0Hey Guys! We are just over a month away from the big E3 conference. As we know, the last few years hasn’t been favorable for Nintendo given that last year all they really showed was Zelda and very little new announcements, while 2015 boasted a large amount of lackluster games with a big focus on Mario Maker.

My question is will Nintendo return to the amazing conference like the one they had back in 2015? Or will this be another rehash of 2015’s showing? My answer without knowing much is Yes, I strongly believe that this years E3 could even surpass their showing in 2014, Heres why:

Big games we already know about:

Games like Fire Emblem Warriors, Splatoon 2,  Fire Emblem 2018, Xenoblade 2, Arms (which comes out the week of E3), and of course Mario Odyssey. I feel like it’s obvious that we will see all of these games, with even more gameplay segments during the inevitable Treehouse streams during the show.nswitch_supermarioodyssey_07_mediaplayer_large

Big new first party games:

Games we have been speculating about before we even knew what the NX was. Some of these games will show up at this event and I think we will see a lot of them. As well as the few announcements that no one can predict. I really believe there will be a ton of new big announcements. (I won’t give predictions as I plan to release those closer to the event 🙂 )

Third Party? Will they come?:

E3 will also be very telling as to what third party games are coming to the Switch. Whether we see the announcements at other conferences or in their own dedicated highlight reel or however they show them off. We will see some form of third party support. But will it be enough? I think that E3 will be a very telling event to show the future of third party releases on the system. screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-9-46-23-pm

New Switch Features:

Whether it’s the addition of themes on the Switch, or the details of the online service, we are bound to see some sort of new additions coming to the system. Hell, Virtual Console has to be shown at E3, they have to be holding it back for a big reason (and no, I do not believe they are holding the games back for the launch of the paid service. I don’t think it makes much sense to hold the entire service back up to 6 months after launch for a few NES-SNES games with added online, that we may not even be able to keep longer than a month.)

A Humorous show:

Remember the Robot Chicken bits? The Muppets? I feel like we are going to see a new direction to the way they format their Digital Event. While yes I’d rather we see a live stage show, but i’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the humor of past years events.tumblr_ng6zmtqsuh1rv5pjno1_1280

Nintendo Treehouse:

As we have had since 2014, Nintendo Treehouse will be on the show floor to show us the games they announced during the Digital Event and sometimes even give us a surprise or two. Last year we must’ve had at least 11 hours worth of Treehouse streaming over the two days they were there, other years had 3 days. (Each day lasts on average around 6-7 hours.) Treehouse is Nintendo’s solution to spending too much time on one game during the Event, which in turn gives them more time to announce more games! 5nwmel2

Splatoon Tournament:

We already know that we are getting a Splatoon 2 Tournament that I assume to be similar to the Nintendo World Championship and the Smash Invitational. This will draw up more hype and could be another source of a new announcement or two for Splatoon 2 whenever the event happens during E3 week.C-RTQklXgAE3yIy


While I don’t think they will have much presence at the show. I feel a number of indie games will be shown off and be revealed to be coming to Switch. As well as games we already know are coming and will be providing release dates. Hey, maybe they do another dedicated Nindies Direct alongside their big Direct. Doubtful I know but it would be cool and they have already given an Indie Direct this year so it’s not impossible. They have also been known to do multiple presentations as they did back in 2012 when they gave the 3DS their own presentation.screenshot_1

I’m going to make a bold prediction. This E3 (for Nintendo at least) will be the biggest event that they have had in the past 5 years. The way Nintendo is attacking us with good launches on a monthly basis, I strongly believe that Nintendo is much more prepared with amazing games then they have been since honestly the GameCube. I may be wrong and this E3 turns out to be lackluster and depressing, as we wait for a future direct for more games, but I doubt that. I also failed to mention 3DS at all, that’s even more games coming! (One of which is being rumored right now: being the Mario & Luigi SS DX remake.)

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this years E3. I think this is gonna be huge and we have a lot in store for us. I hope i’m right. What do you guys think? Will this E3 be the biggest in awhile or will we relive the Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, Federation Force, and Mario Tennis type presentation with lackluster games? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for my Nintendo E3 announcements article as we get closer to the show. As well as the eventual reveal of Nintendo’s E3 plans from Nintendo themselves.


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