How Single Joy-Con Controls Work in Arms

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C-KeSefUIAAPN-J.jpg-largeWe now know how the Joy-Con controls will work with Arms without motion controls and with only one Joy-Con on the side.

A preview from Edge Magazine wrote:

“Punches can be thrown using the triggers, or two of the face buttons – jump and dash are mapped on to the other two. You click the left stick to guard. Everything you need is here, and it works – but something’s missing. Since the left stick controls the angle of your punches, you can’t move in one direction and punch in the other. You can’t strike at a different angle with your other hand until the first punch is fully extended, either.” Source

It sounds as if you can play Arms decently with only one Joy-Con but it doesent sound like it is as fun as it is when you play with motion controls. I wonder if the experience will improve when you’re playing with both Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller without motion controls. Will you be playing with or without motion controls? Let me know!

Arms is releasing on Nintendo Switch on June 16th!


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