Pokémon Website updates suggests a tie in for Star

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Hoshi Means Star


There have been rumors since last year that a third installment on the Sun and Moon Pokémon games would be skipping the Nintendo 3DS and make its debut on the Nintendo Switch, but nothing official has come from Nintendo.

Now, Dystify has identified some interesting changes to the Pokémon website:

At first, this could seem like a small coincidence, but he also points out that The Pokémon Company did the same thing before Sun and Moon were announced.

Traditionally, Pokémon games have not been announced at E3, so there is a chance that if the game is announced, it could happen within the next week or two before then. Either way, it could just be a redirect created since people by now have associated the ‘Star’ moniker with Pokémon and The Pokémon Company wants to make sure that internet traffic is sent their way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are getting ready to finally announced the game.

Personally, I believe the ‘Star’ game will be called ‘Eclipse’ and hope that it is indeed for the Nintendo Switch and not the 3DS.

Source: Dystify Twitter


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