OPINION – How streaming devices can effect Switch sales

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With the Nintendo Switch being available to the public for a little more than two months, it has given me the time to evaluate the system. It launched with a few eShop titles, a few physical games, and some exclusives. That’s just how every Nintendo system has launched for the past few decades, but times have changed. With the growing sensation of social networking and streaming devices, there is a huge lack of them on the Switch. Apps like Twitter and Facebook are available to use on most devices and consoles, yet they are nowhere to be found on the Switch, especially with the lack of an Internet Browser. This doesn’t seem to be a huge problem now, but it could have large benefits in the future.

Obviously Nintendo did not include an internet browser as people already have tons of devices to browse through these services, but they don’t have devices that can switch between a handheld to a docked device instantly. Netflix, for example, is something that should have been available from day one. It’s the idea that the screen size is large enough to watch and enjoy your favorite movies/TV shows anywhere and then being able to enjoy them once you return home. People look into getting devices for their favorite streaming devices, to have one device that can do everything for them. Nobody wants to carry multiple devices to stream their shows and to play games on. It’s either one or the other, which is the reason smartphones are so successful. If the Switch were to get the support of multiple streaming services, other fanbases would get interested. Especially since the Switch has a built-in stand, which would make it even easier to stream the latest YouTube videos of a content-creator. The Switch was made for devices like these and I think applications like these could really influence buyers.


Speaking of getting other fanbases interested in the console, having the WWE Network on the Switch would be a win-win situation. As I have mentioned earlier, the plus side is that the Switch has a built in stand and as long as you have a stable connection, you would be able to stream the next PPV straight from your device and continue watching it on your television. Being able to stream specials while being away from home for a phone is functional, but having it on the Switch would be even better. Seeing as John Cena helped advertise the Switch during the hype season, this could happen. It’s basically a given that Netflix will one day come to the console, but as for the rest of them, it’d be a missed opportunity not to bring them over.


As for a dedicated Internet Browser, it would make things even more accessible for all types of people. Viewing a PDF from your Switch and then projecting onto your television would make it even easier to read. Would it bring a bigger interest to the console to have these streaming/social networks? It definitely would, people on the fence of a purchase hearing that they’d be able to stream 13 Reasons Why on the same device that they play Breath Of The Wild on would ease their choice. Having one universal device play my favorite games and stream my favorite shows would be a beautiful thing to have, and the Switch could be the device that starts this movement. Would you care to have any of these service along with you on your Switch? Let us know!




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