Reconfirmed: Animal Crossing Mobile Launch

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Company DeNa have released their fourth quarter financial results, and it in have given us things to look forward to.

Animal Crossing mobile will release this financial year (before 31 March 2018). With this news in mind, I sincerely hope it’s launch will coincide with a Switch title.

They are developing a brand new title for this term and beyond, which interests me to wonder which franchise the mobile title will revolve around.

DeNa also promises to keep supporting Fire Emblem Heroes with future updates, events, and more.


Their partnership is considered medium to long-term, which means there will be more titles in the future.

What do you think this means for the future of Nintendo, will there be a huge focus around the mobile game if in fact a full fledged Animal Crossing is announced? What do you hope the future collaborative title will revolve around? Let us know!

– Thanks to Japanese Nintendo for the information –

• Ali •




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