Super Mario Odyssey footage discovered during Switch Presentation from January

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Mario…the lost footage?


For those with a keen eye for detail, this is something that you probably saw before, but for those of us who missed it entirely, we get to see new sections of the Super Mario Odyssey game not seen before.

During the Nintendo Switch Experience held in Japan last January, a video played on the background of the Super Mario Odyssey setup, showing glimpses of different areas of the game. What most people didn’t know is that the footage being shown was different than the ones most of us have seen, which featured gamplay for the game that was not available in North America.

The footage itself has been edited by SuperMarioT and explained, making it easier to see it rather than having to go through the full presentation to see the parts.

Super Mario Odyssey comes out on the Nintendo Switch this Holiday and a full presentation and final release date information are expected to be provided by Nintendo at E3.

Source: SuperMarioT YouTube


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