Nintendo Direct featuring ARMS and a new Splatoon 2 trailer airs tomorrow

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You knew it was coming…


After days of speculation and two weeks of NeoGAF analyzing a Nintendo Direct update on their site, it has finally happened. Nintendo has officially announced their next Nintendo Direct, and this time it will be centered on ARMS.

Nintendo promises a “deep dive” into ARMS, which can only mean that stages that footage that has been circulating from the ARMS tournaments and new characters should be unveiled, painting a full picture of what ARMS will bring starting on day one.

Aside from ARMS, the Twitter post states that “a new trailer for Splatoon 2” will be shown, further raising the hype for the sequel to Nintendo’s freshest new franchise.

It was a foregone conclusion that Nintendo would show something before E3, and it is good that we are having this Direct since ARMS releases on the same week as E3. Tune in tomorrow at 3PM PT/ 6 PM ET for the Nintendo Direct.

– Ali – Twitter: @PhenomenalAli

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