New ARMS characters leak as Switch Force breaks embargo

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With the Nintendo Direct airing later on today at 6 PM EST, there is bound to be new ARMS information to be presented, but it seems that Switch Force accidentally jumped the gun and leaked three more characters from the ARMS game. The video itself has been taken down, but NeoGAF preserved the screenshots and information:


  • Byte & Barq = Robot-looking cop (Robocop?)
  • Twintelle = White/Pink haired female fighter
  • Kid Cobra = Casey Jones wannabe?

This leak does indeed take away from the Nintendo Direct reveal, so let’s hope that Nintendo still has additional surprises in store for everyone.

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Special thanks to Neoxon from NeoGAF for preserving the video and being able to extract the screenshots even after it was taken down. Head over to the NeoGAF thread to see even more screenshots of the new characters fighting.

Source: Neoxon at NeoGAF


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