Nintendo Direct 5/17/17 Predictions

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With Nintendo announcing a surprise Direct for later today, the community was buzzing to what would be shown. ARMS is  the main focus of the showing, seeing that it is releasing in just under a month.

We have been shown relatively the same characters since the reveal, and since a few were teased during last months direct, it would only make sense to showcase them today. The arenas are also *very* similar to each other, so we’re hoping to see one with variety. During the last direct, a multiplayer 2 v.s 2 gamemode was teased and we haven’t seen any of that, so I hope we get a glimpse of it tonight.


The above image was teased as a new ARMS arena, sure to bring something different to the table. We still have no clue whether or not this game is purely multiplayer, or if it will have a story-mode. A single player experience building around the individual characters would be something different and give more to the game.

Towards the end of the Direct, a Splatoon 2 trailer is going to be shown, hoping that it connects to the recent Callie story of her going missing. Something I admit should happen towards the end of the Direct, would be an ARMS open-beta announcement. The public still isn’t completely sold on this new IP & like the TestFire for Splatoon, this could heavily benefit sales.

The Nintendo Direct will go live at 3pm PT & 6pm ET later today. Are you looking forward to it, what do you expect? Let us know!

– Ali –

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