Interview with Triforce Johnson 

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Hello! My name is jmac I’m the newest writer! Today I bring you an interview! These interviews are about zelda as these were done for zelda themed community! So this guy’s name is Triforce Johnson. He holds many world records for being first in line for lots of games and notably, consoles! He recently passed down the torch to CND. *note I edited them so they are adapted to this*

Triforce Johnson

J: I’m jmac from Shigeru News, may I have an interview with you?

J: How did you get into the Zelda franchise?

T: I played the original Zelda game 30 years ago. It was one of Nintendo’s greatest games for the Nintendo Entertainment System at the time.

J: And what’s your favorite Zelda game?

T: I honestly don’t have a favorite Zelda game. It all depends on the mood that I’m in. Each game comes with its own unique adventure and I love. I’m a Zelda fan based on the entire “Lore” of the series so each of the games… yes that includes the CDi versions have a place in my liking based on the entire legend. Now if you want to look at it based on which game I’ve played the most, it would have to be Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

J: And now we know we call you triforce! How did that happen?

T: In 1999, I legally amended my first name to TriForce. Long story short, as a Zelda fan I knew so much about the game that my friends ended up calling me Triforce. It eventually stuck with me so I then made it official.
J: Very cool! And could you tell us about your upcoming project with the N team?
T: The N-TEAM is a collection of Nintendo Champions, Influences and Brand Ambassadors that I gathered together to help bring the Nintendo Gaming Experience to underprivileged regions around the world. There we can use our influence to help create charitable events for those comm unities that can help them in terms of food and clothing drives, community festivities and more to help improve their lives even if it is a little bit. For more details, please visit
As for the project itself, it is simply about using our privileges to give back to society. I’ve been doing this before I coin’ed the term the “N-TEAM”.
I’ve been doing charity using video games for many years now as I try to honor my late Mothers life work. Coming from a 3 World Country, I understand what it is to not have and even though I have a little in the United States it is still considered a lot where I come from so i use that to help out as much as I can. This “project” is something that I will continue to do in all fields that I enter for the rest of my life, with or without other people’s help. I’m back in Jamaica now and I will start with my home Island.
J: And finally tell us about your record for being first in line many times.
T: Nintendo and Guinness World Record’s honored me with a Record for being 1st in line for the most Midnight Nintendo Launches. I’ve stood the line for over 20 years waiting for various Nintendo consoles, handhelds and games. I had to bring it to a end because of what is going on in my life right now and move forward with other things I believe will be more constructive to society. If I was well off or rich, then yeah I can see me doing it a couple more times just for the culture, experience and tradition of standing the line with the community. However right now, that responsibility is now entrusted to the next generation Nintendo Community Ambassador, CND (Captain Nintendo Dude)
People ask will I ever be a part of a future Nintendo Launch and my answer to that was, I said I was done with standing lines in 2012. In 2017 I stood outside 30 days for the Nintendo Switch to pass the torch to CND. What does that mean? It means, you never know.

J: Thanks so much!

Huge thanks to him. It was really fun and I hope y’all read it. It’s one of my more fruitful (yay fruits) interviews! I’ll see you very soon with more interviews!

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