UNIQLO winners from Nintendo T-Shirt Design Competition

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And the winner is…


In the summer of 2016, Nintendo and UNIQLO teamed-up for the UTGP’17 design competition in which people from all over the world were able to submit Nintendo-themed T-shirt designs for a chance of getting their shirt printed, $10,000 dollars, the Nintendo Switch autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and an invitation to the award ceremony, among other things.


It’s been almost a year since the competition was announced and the designs were submitted, and finally, we have the winners!

Grand Prix Winner: Takashi Kawazoe (Japan)


2nd Place Winner: Shino Yamazaki (Japan)


3rd Place Winner: David Ricardo Flores Gomez (Mexico)


Here are the rest of the shirts that you can get from their website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in picking up any of these amazing designs, you can head over to the UNIQLO website to order them If you want to purchase any of those designs, you can head over to the UNIQLO website.


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