Former Famitsu Editor-in-Chief predicts Nintendo Switch will be on short supply for the rest of the year

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Get it now while you can!


Former Famitsu Editor-in-Chief and current President of its parent company, Enterbrain, Hirokazu Hamamura responded to an article published by Forbes Japan in which it talked about the Nintendo Switch sales by stating that he believes the shortages on the availability of Switch will continue throughout the year.


This complicates things because as it currently stands, it is almost impossible to find the system, and with games like ARMS and Splatoon 2 arriving in less than two months the trend should continue.  Also, once we reach the Holiday season, even if Nintendo were to increase its production run, the demand will be higher and the system could continue to be sold out.

For those that want to get the system but were planning on waiting longer, it might be better to get it now, because waiting too long could mean that you won’t be able to get the system until after the holidays, somewhere around Spring 2018.

Source: Hirokazu Hamamura Twitter


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