Netflix releases first trailer for its Castlevania series

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Castlevania III to be exact

For years, comic books have enjoyed great success when translated to the silver screen, most recently with the Marvel Universe and to a lesser extent the DC movies. That is to say, when a comic book movie or TV show releases, there are high expectations for them.

When it comes to video games turned into TV shows or movies, success has escaped every attempt, with my personal favorite and what I consider the best video game adaptation being the original Mortal Kombat movie.

When it was originally announced that Netflix had secured the rights to produce a Castlevania TV show excitement was met with skepticism, because surely there are other franchises that can translate better to a tv format. That is, until today when Netflix releases the first trailer to its Castlevania series:

I appreciate the fact that they did not force the show to adapt a live action format and instead embraced the anime route, which obviously allows them more freedom to follow the story of Belmont as he attempts to destroy Dracula before he ravages the entirety of Europe with its army of monsters.

What do you think of Castlevania and do you like its 90s inspired anime style for the series?

– Sergio-

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