Nintendo shares at a 7 year high

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And it keeps going, and going…


Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch and its record-breaking launch, Nintendo has been enjoying an upward trend when it comes to their share value. The same was experienced last year with the boom it received with the release of Pokémon GO (and the subsequent drop when people realized Nintendo didn’t “actually” own the Pokémon brand), but this time it seems that there is no stopping in sight.

Dystify reports through his Twitter account that Nintendo is enjoying a 7 year high when it comes to their share value, climbing as much as 31,880 JPY, all in the strength of the Nintendo Switch and its reception.

It is safe to assume that the arrow will continue to point up as E3 is just around the corner and it will be the venue in which Nintendo will highlight the release calendar for their second half of 2017, coupled in with a few surprises (one of which was Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but was leaked yesterday).

With first-party games like ARMS releasing the same week as E3, Splatoon 2 releasing the following month and other third-party titles (or published games) like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Stardew Valley, Sonic Mania releasing sometime in the summer or through September, Nintendo should continue to enjoy an increase in their shares.

Source: Dystify Twitter


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