Nintendo Switch fully supported by Unreal Engine 4.16 Update

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Developers will receive code for free


Much has been talked about Unreal Engine 4 supporting the Nintendo Switch and about that “magic button” that can be pressed to make any PS4 or Xbox One game that supports the engine into a Switch game.

With Update 4.16, Unreal Engine now fully supports the Nintendo Switch and it makes it even more possible to scale the games into being compatible with the system. This doesn’t mean that it magically increases the RAM and the specs will be on-par with its competitors, but with some sacrifices made, most of the Unreal Engine 4 games should be able to be converted for Switch.

This is the information on the official website of the Unreal Engine:


It would be nice if this update also helps games that have been previously released like Snake Pass, improve their experience.

Source: Unreal Engine Website


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