First thoughts on Magikarp jump!

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Ok so when first saw that screenshot of the game being released in Japan we didn’t know what this was but now that I have it on my phone, I can for sure say one thing: THIS GAME IS AMAZING.

So first of all taking the weakest Pokémon and making a game about the weakest attack is already unexpected but fun. That’s how this game is. It’s quirky, it pokes jabs at Magikarp and  has well done names.

So first you arrive and you’re a trainer. You meet this professor guy who wants you to bring back glory to the town you’re in in the Magikarp jump contest. You go catch one and then it’s put in a pond. So many features unlock at that point isn’t the game. So you feed it, you train it and participate in the jumping contest. That’s how t goes but of course there’s unlockables which I won’t spoil but trust me they are useful and pretty cool.

Overall I love this game. It’s a great and free mobile game that doesn’t heavily rely on micro transactions. This isn’t really a freemium game like angry birds 2 for say. It’s a quirky game, doesn’t take itself at all seriously and most of all it’s fun. I’m so happy that the Pokémon company released a game like this. I can’t wait to continue playing it! For now I’ll score a perfect 10/10 for being original, quirky and fun!


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