Game Freak searching for a programmer for a Nintendo 3DS RPG

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Pokémon Stars for the 3DS?


In what could be one of the most disappointing announcements since all the rumors have been swirling around about the eventuality of Pokémon Stars appearing on the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak has posted a job listing on their website looking for a 3D programmer for a RPG game on the 3DS.

It should be noted that Pokémon Stars has never been confirmed for Switch, although Game Freak did say that a Pokémon game would be appearing on it.

If Pokémon Stars is real and does appear on the 3DS, it would hurt the Switch lineup, who could enjoy a massive amount of sales on the system if it were to appear on it this holiday season.

Do you think this job listing is for Pokémon Stars or for a different game?

Source: NeoGAF


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