NCSoft CEO buys Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild to every employee

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Probably not what you think


In a move that should be considered “good faith” so we won’t raise incorrect expectations from it, NCsoft CEO Kim Taek-Jim announced he would gift a Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to all of his employees.

Talking to Gamefocus, Taek-Jim explained that he enjoyed Breath of the Wild and wanted to share his experience inside the company with his employees.

Considering the company has over 3,000 employees, it is really impressive they were able to undertake the acquisition of 3,000+ Switch units. At the same time, this could justify some of the shortages at retail (not really).

If there are any ulterior motives for this is yet to be revealed, as this can be viewed as a nice gesture from a CEO that wants to share his personal experience on a game with his employees, or it could also signify that NCsoft is getting ready to jump into the console market and he wanted to make sure his employees are familiar with the system.

NCsoft has been primarily making games for PC and are responsible for hits such as Guild Wars and Lineage. Either way, this speaks volumes about what Nintendo has been able to do with the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild.



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