Nintendo stock rises 5.48% on Monster Hunter announcement; 8-year high

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From doom and gloom to BOOM!


In what came as an unexpected announcement, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter XX would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, with the full revealed to happen during the Monster Hunter Championship this Saturday.

Not only does it signify the beginning of Monster Hunter games on the Nintendo Switch, but the official confirmation that one of the biggest heavy hitters in Japan will be coming to the console. If you didn’t know this before, this is a very big deal for the company.

So much so that Nintendo stock went up 5.48%, adding $2.2 billion to their market capitalization.


This is the highest Nintendo’s value has been since December of 2008:


It is not surprising that a game like Monster Hunter would cause Nintendo’s stock to raise. With the PS4 selling roughly 5 million PS4 units in Japan since its launch in that territory back in February 22, 2014, and the drop in the console market in that region, it was believed that the Nintendo Switch would struggle to gain a big audience. But because of its form factor and its view of not only being a console, but a handheld, it has been selling out consistently since launch.

Add games like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest and Pokémon to the system and it could very well continue to sell out for the next few years.

This of course is derivative as there hasn’t been an official announcement on a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, regardless of what all the rumors say, but if Capcom announcing Monster Hunter for Switch is any indication, Nintendo’s stock should continue to increase with the proper support from games.

Source: Yahoo Finance


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