Monster Hunter XX Revealed for the Nintendo Switch

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One of the ‘Beasts’ revealed


With the reveal last Thursday that Capcom would indeed be bringing the Monster Hunter series to the Nintendo Switch, additional information came out stating that more details would be revealed during the Monster Hunter Championship this last Saturday.

For starters, the game is set to release in Japan this August 25th, with no news about the game’s localization for the West. The system itself is region-free, so if you absolutely need to have the game when it launches, you can import it. Monster Hunter XX on Switch will also support HD 1080p graphics, and has cross-play capabilities with the 3DS version, allowing players from both systems to team up and tackle the monsters together.

Monster Hunter XX Switch Trailer:

Monster Hunter XX Switch TV Ad:

Now that one of the biggest handheld games in Japan will be releasing on Switch, do you anticipate it will help drive sales of Nintendo’s hybrid system?


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