Fire Emblem Warriors character and gameplay info revealed by Famitsu

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Fire Emblem Warriors is coming this year to both the Nintendo Switch and 3DS systems, and Famitsu has revealed more details on what we can expect from the game.



The game itself will feature four original characters, with twin siblings Lian and Shion the main protagonists and with at least 14 additional characters joining the roster, among them:

  • Chrom – Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Darios – New Character
  • Lian – New Character
  • Marth – Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon
  • Shion – New Character and male protagonist
  • Yuana – New Character and female protagonits

The rest of the characters will be composed mostly from the Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon games.

Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch trailer:

Additional details provided by Gematsu’s coverage of the Famitsu article:

  • Development is currently at 70 percent.
  • Project was being planned before Famitsu’s collaboration Musou title survey
  • First thing decided was ‘to do a Musou game that Fire Emblem fans would enjoy’
  • There will be a huge fully-voiced script
  • Protagonists are mainly from Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, so this won’t be a gathering of characters from the entire series.
  • Not all characters from the Fire Emblem series were included, because if they had most of them would have a similar fighting style (sword)
  • There are bond conversations with characters from across different titles
  • There is no marriage, nor is there love as a result of becoming good friends
  • Bond conversations are being prepared as support conversations. There is a large amount of text, including both serious and goofy conversations.
  • Weapon Triangle and Class System exist in Fire Emblem Warriors
  • High Strategy elements are in the game
  • ‘Shield of Fire’ in this world has turned up from beyond space and time, although Koei Tecmo can’t make additional comments on that.
  • Cavalier and other units that ride horses are designed for high mobility.

Fire Emblem Warriors is currently scheduled for a Q3 2017 release. With more details surfacing just before E3, is this a game that you are considering picking up in what is suddenly becoming a crowded holiday season for the Nintendo Switch?



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