Square Enix’s LOST SPHEAR announced for Nintendo Switch


Tokyo RPG Factory’s Next!


Dedicated to bringing the “good old days” of RPGs, Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory had a successful debut with their first title, I Am Setsuna. To follow up on their success, their sophomoric effort called Lost Sphear has been scheduled to launch during the first quarter of 2018 and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, alongside the PS4 and Steam versions.

The game will retail for $49.99 and available both digitally, with physical copies available “for a limited time” on both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Lost Sphear Announcement Trailer:

About Lost Sphear:

The next evolution in this new golden age of JRPG’s arrives with LOST SPHEAR, bringing a fresh take on classic RPG gameplay! A young man, who suffered a phenomenon that he had never seen, faces an ominous power that threatens the fabric of reality. Awaken the power of Memory to restore what was lost! Muster different Memory and craft the world around you in a journey to save the world.

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About the physical copy of the game:



Tokyo RPG Factory’s first Western Physical release includes:

  • Game Dics
  • Pre-order bonus: Two special soundtracks by composer Tomoki Miyoshi exclusive to the Square Enix Store.


  • SHAPE your own adventure in the vast world with Memory to restore locales.
  • ENHANCED ATB Battle System offering more strategic freedom of movement in combat.
  • SEAMLESS gameplay transition between overworld and battles.

The physical copies of the game can only be bought through Square Enix’s Online store.

For additional information on Lost Sphear, visit their website: www.LOSTSPHEAR.com

Source: PRNewswire


2 comments on “Square Enix’s LOST SPHEAR announced for Nintendo Switch”

  1. People have been labelling this game as ‘bland’ based upon this trailer. I dunno, maybe it’s because I don’t play a lot of JRPGs, but I actually quite like the look of it so far.

    1. One of my all-time favorite games is Final Fantasy IX and this game fits right in with it. I will try to get it day one, and I’m sure I will enjoy the journey.

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