Qbics Paint – an alternative to games like Mario Paint on Switch

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Find your inner artist


Abylight Studios, developer of games like Musicverse and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports in Spain is developing another educational game for the Nintendo Switch.

Qbics Paint, 3D modeling and sculpting game inspired by the likes of Mario Paint and Art Academy, is scheduled for release later this year.

CEO Eva Gaspar talks about Qbics Paint on a Venture Beat article:

There is a longstanding tradition of creative products on Nintendo consoles: Mario Paint, Art Academy. And Nintendo Switch is powerful enough and offered us the tools we needed in order to create something like Qbics Paint.

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Qbics Paint is played utilizing the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen, where you carve out sculptures, paint them using a 24-color palette, and even customize background using an assortment of stock photos, with an additional 50 models to unlock as well as themes like ‘farm animals’.

Qbics Paint is scheduled to be released later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Venture Beat


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