HylianHero98’s Nintendo E3 Predictions

Even though in Nintendo’s Press release on the matter of E3, Nintendo said that the focus would be on 2017 games. Do not lose hope for 2018 reveals! Even though I do believe that they will spend a good amount of time during their E3 presence showing and talking about games releasing this year, I […]


c_i1jhsxkaa7esjE3 is only a little over a week away! You are either really hyped or just don’t care. At first I was worried they werent planning on revealing anything for 2018 when I saw the schedule above, though in Nintendo’s Press release on the matter of E3, Nintendo said that the focus would be on 2017 games. Nintendo Press Site. So please do not lose hope for 2018 reveals! Even though I do believe that they will spend a good amount of time during their E3 presence showing and talking about games releasing this year. Just like in the April Nintendo Direct, they will “focus” on 2017 games but I do assume we see at least a few 2018 games. I expect 50-75% of the Spotlight to be on games we already know about, launching this year. And the other 25-50% being new announcements coming next year. I do not expect all of my predictions to be revealed during the Showcase, the higher on the list the game is, the more likely I think it is to be shown.

Nintendo Spotlight: Tuesday, June 13th, 9amPST/12pmEST

Obvious games: We will see at least 5 minutes of Mario Odyssey during the Showcase with much more during the Treehouse, other games like Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade 2, and Splatoon 2 and Arms will all recieve trailers with most of their precense being during the Treehouse.nswitch_supermarioodyssey_07_mediaplayer_large

Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: It finally gets revealed, we see a trailer. Coming August or September. We will definitely see gameplay on Treehouse.DAiCvLQW0AE47xa

Sm4sh For Switch: I am extremely confident that we see this getting announced during the spotlight. Mainly because there has been rumors about this game since before even Bayonetta and Corrin were released on the Wii U version. I believe this has to be real and possibly could be announced at E3. I hope it is due to it being my most anticipated game that isnt announced for the Switch yet. I think it would have All/Most Wii U+3DS Content Combined, Inklings, Ice Climbers and one more Newcomer (Maybe Arms character) revealed, Releases Q1/Q2 2018.super_smash_bros_for_nintendo_switch___logo_by_rayman2000-daluzqu

Virtual Console: We are going to hear about the system and it’s going to have Gamecube games (and hopefully NES-N64), available after Direct, with weekly additions.img_7268

Animal Crossing Switch: Trailer, coming Holiday 2018 or First half 2019.c4d2g6vdgrktrym7p5lz

Pokemon Stars: 3rd version of Sun and Moon, coming in November to Switch & New Nintendo 3DS.pokemon-sun-and-moon-starter-art-jpg-optimal

Pikmin 4:  New big Pikmin game for Switch. I predict we see only a trailer for the game. coming summer 2018.pikmin-4

One or two unexpected announcements: Things we would never expect and maybe could never predict.question_mark1600

Fire Emblem: Already announced back in January.  I predict we see a small trailer. Coming Fall 2018.fire-emblem-switch-shot-02


  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild: We see either a small trailer for the content in pack 1 with the release date (my prediction is June 23rd due to the launch of the new Zelda Amiibo), or we see a segment of gameplay at treehouse. Possible tease of pack 2 is possible is well but i’m less hopeful.CI_NSwitch_ZeldaBreathOfTheWild_TheMasterTrials_WarpMarker_02_mediaplayer_large
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: While I don’t believe we will see DLC for the game (at least not yet) I am still including this because it still is possible and wouldnt surprise me if it happened.MK8-1


Monster Hunter XX: With the recent announcement of this coming to Switch in Japan in August, I think it is pretty likely that we see an announcement here as well. I don’t think it will come until early next year though.monster-hunter-xx-switch-1-656x412

Metroid: Not very confident this is coming but for everyones sake I hope it does. If it does I think it would get a Star Fox Zero type teaser. I could see this being announced at next years E3.metroid-animated-short

Mario Maker Switch: My least likely prediction, but I think it could be possible that Nintendo reveals this at E3, but I think it would be a more expected announcement in a Direct later on. It would be a Port with new content and would be shown in a trailer and at Treehouse, coming Spring 2018.mario-maker-art-1

 Amiibo Section: Possible Amiibo Lines: amiibo_artwork

  • Mario x Rabbids Amiibo
  • Amiibo based on new Smash characters, released alongside the port
  • Pikmin line?
  • Arms?
  • I also expect Amiibo on at least one other game that gets announced during either the spotlight or Treehouse

Treehouse Surprises /3DS: Tuesday, June 13th-Thursday, June 15thlarge

As we know, 3DS games will not be present during the spotlight, however we will see them during the Treehouse streams, which will be happening Tuesday-Thursday beginning right after Nintendo’s Spotlight ends. Expect a good chunk of the Treehouse to be showing off both the games we already know about, plus the newly announced Switch games, but they will also have some time for Nintendo 3DS games. I don’t know how many new games we see on the system but I would expect at least two.

Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga DX: This leaked a month or two ago via someone finding the name and icon on the Eshop (just like how Twilight Princess HD was leaked) I do predict that we see this revealed. I think we could see it this fall or possibly be another Summer game.

A couple new announcements: I would predict we see other new 3DS games we didn’t know about but I don’t have any other ones I could predict.

And that’s all my predictions. I believe Reggie when he said that this years E3 will be big. But what are your predictions? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to keep up to date with us here at ShigeruNews with all the big E3 announcements!


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3 comments on “HylianHero98’s Nintendo E3 Predictions”

  1. Since you’ve went all out with your full blown thoughts, I’ll just reply with my differences. I’m hoping that we get some type of co-op within Mario Odyssey, whether it’s something like Galaxy that would still be fine. I think the best time for an Animal Crossing would be *much* sooner, I’d say around Spring 2018. Even though some have grown sick of 2D Mario’s, I would love one on the Switch, even though it’s probably too early for one. As for the others, they are pretty spot on to what I would expect.

    1. I would love if your predictions were right, I was just being very safe with release dates and didn’t go to in depth with many of the games I predicted

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