Nintendo Spotlight Presentation expected to be around 30 minutes in length

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But is it enough?


With today’s Pokémon Direct bypassing what many believed to be an announcement of a mainline Pokémon game for Switch, the E3 Presentation becomes even more important, as it seems that Nintendo is positioning all of its biggest announcements for that date.

The only issue is that, if start times from various Nintendo events are exact, that would leave them with around 30 minutes to make all of their reveals.

Nintendo Spotlight information from Nintendo of America’s E3 website:


Nintendo Treehouse Live E3 2017:


The Nintendo Spotlight is scheduled to start at 9:00 AM PT, with the Nintendo Treehouse following shortly-after at 9:30 AM PT. Even though the Nintendo Spotlight will be comprised only of Switch games, would half an hour (or so) be enough to have a successful presentation?

If the Nintendo Spotlight is anything similar to how they’ve done their Nintendo Directs lately, 30 minutes should be more than enough to tackle a good amount of games and make conference-shaking reveals.

If instead the Nintendo Spotlight features comedic segments, puppets, or other that take away from the games themselves, then those 30 minutes start looking a little less convenient.

Nintendo had promised that this would be a big E3 for the company, but without an official conference from them, it surely must mean that the Spotlight itself will carry the entire conversation and lay the foundation of success for the next year.


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