Should we be worried about Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight?

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c_i1jhsxkaa7esjThe closer we get to E3 the more excited most of us get. The prospect of seeing new footage of games that we haven’t seen in months as well as a bunch of new announcements. Now we approach a potential dilemma with Nintendo. As we know the Nintendo Spotlight will have a focus of games releasing this year, as well as the Spotlight only being about thirty minutes long.  With these limitations should we expect nothing new for next year?

My answer is simple. We shouldn’t expect anything but I would be shocked if we don’t see a couple small 2018 teasers. While there is potential for more surprises for games coming this year I don’t expect it personally. With everything we know of plus the rumored Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle that will inevitably be announced, do we even get anything else? I fear that we won’t see anything else during their Spotlight.

While this is better than last years Direct that only showed off Zelda and a couple 3DS announcements, and bound to be better than the lackluster and disappointing 2015 Direct. But, will it be on par with E3 2014? I think it will be, even if Nintendo doesent reveal anything else it’s bound to be a great presentation, along with some 3DS announcements that will occur during the 3 day’s of Nintendo Treehouse streams. Screenshot_3

With that being said I expect a few 2018 games. Since I have already talked about my predictions i’m not going to talk about them here (Here is the link if you haven’t read it yet E3 Predictions) I predict at least one 2018 game with 3 being hopeful. Nonetheless, I think there will be plenty of surprises.

Finally, the news came out that the Spotlight will only be around a half hour long. People are freaking out when I really don’t see the need to. Remember Aprils Direct? It was only 35 minutes and we got tons of new info and announcements. What’s saying they won’t do that here? And that was combined Switch + 3DS, the Spotlight is only covering Switch news. They will have plenty of time to reveal as much as they want to, the question is, will they show much new? We will have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

Are you hyped or worried for Nintendo at this year’s E3? Let me know by leaving a comment!


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