E3 Predictions: Nintendo Spotlight Edition

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Woah, it is already that time of year again. Where all the leaks and rumors accumulated throughout the year are reborn and sometimes brought to reality on the stage floor, or are thrown out in disappointment. With this being the first E3 not directed at the Wii U and being the Switch’s first, there is a lot of buzz towards Nintendo at the moment.


The Nintendo Switch has been sold out almost constantly since its release back in March, and has currently sold more than two million units. It remains as the hottest product on the market right now with sales not looking to slow down. The general public is in love with what the Switch can do and how it performs, but its the games that build up the console for even better sales. With the Nintendo Event back in January showcasing the majority of the year one releases of the console, what haven’t we learned about that will release sometime this year? Especially with the Nintendo E3 teaser site claiming the event will build on games releasing this year, does this mean we don’t hear about anything new? Of course we will hear about one surprise that was leaked in full by a reliable company, Ubisoft’s RPG Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but could that be all? For the sake of all fans and in particular for this post, I will claim that we will see new games never heard of until now, whether that’ll be a few games or just one.

Expected Announcements/Reveals:

What we do know for certain is that Super Mario Odyssey will have a huge presence on the show floor, as we have only seen a small glimpse of the game and its worlds so far. One of the biggest worries thus far about the game are the amount of worlds/places to explore. Even though we have only seen 4 worlds, gamers are taking it that the game will only include this minuscule amount. In my perspective, this isn’t even close to the sheer number of locations we’ll be able to explore and run around in during the Holidays. In similar vein to 64, we will have a robust amount of places to discover, and these four were merely a glimpse of whats to come. But one of the biggest questions for the game is how will we get to these places. Will the Hat styled ship take us from place to place like Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy, or work in some other way. What we will finally get to know is what the Crazy Cap stores function for. Their primary purpose seems to sell hats, of course, but is this how powerups will function in the game? Perhaps wearing a fire flower hat allows us to use the fire flower’s ability, only time will tell.

My biggest and possibly riskiest prediction for Odyssey will have to be a co-op component for the main game. And not just a silly Star mode. I’m talking about a decent, useful mode that actually aids Mario and gives the second player a purpose to play. During the first teaser for the Switch, the girl took Mario outside with her to play with friends and split the joy-con to play with them. Could she have switched the game (no pun intended) while the camera moved angles? Possibly, but there’s also the chance she was in fact still playing Odyssey. Especially with Nintendo’s huge push for multiplayer experiences on the console, this could totally happen.


Second Expectation: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

When we initially heard of this odd mashup between Ubisoft’s fuzzy “star” characters & the world of Nintendo, we immediately assumed it was fake. Nintendo has rarely, if ever, handed out their star IP’s to any publisher, so there must be a huge payoff deal coming for Nintendo from this. With all the recent photos and in game views on the game, it’s a given that it exists & will be shown during E3. We currently know nothing about the game other than it being an Action-RPG where Mario and company have weapons. We will undoubtedly see this game during either Ubisoft or Nintendo’s conference, but I have high hopes for the title. This won’t be just a lazily put together game either, as Nintendo probably monitored this game and offered feedback as development went along, which gives me some enthusiasm about it. Will it compare to Square Enix’s attempt at a Super Mario RPG from 21 years ago? Probably not, but it could offer something unique for the Switch’s library.


Third Expectation: ARMS + Splatoon2

With ARMS being Nintendo’s newest IP and considering that it releases the Friday of E3, I fully expect there to be a small announcement like “Just a reminder our newest game ARMS releases this Friday, here is a release trailer” and that would be it. What I do think that will get some mention would be ARMS amiibo, seeing as Nintendo loves to capitalize on those sales. Nothing more is needed to do to sell this game, as it has already had countless Directs and mentions, not to forget a Test-Punch for the game (lasting two weekends) ended last week. I would be extremely disappointed if they spent more than a minute on the game, as nothing they can do in this short period could just flip the thoughts of one that wasn’t sold on the game already. A small mention of its release date is all that is needed, and then they should move on. Speaking of a game mentioned countless times already and getting tons of screen time: Splatoon 2. Yes, we are still ways away and the game releases in about a month, but what more could be talked about that hasn’t already? We’ve had mentions of it during a few Directs, there was a Test-Fire back in March, the Splatoon Twitter account releases new details about new weapons/maps/story elements daily, nothing more should be done. To allow for a more enjoyable experience (and for fans not to be burned out) a small mention should occur, but nothing too into detail. I’m not saying these games shouldn’t be shown during the Treehouse, but they should stay out of the Spotlight for now.


Expectation Four: Glimpse Of Breath Of The Wild DLC

Keeping this one short and simple due to the nature that it’s nothing too significant, Breath Of The Wild was one of the most anticipated games ever. Countless delays and sidetracks led to its release in March, and it surely delivered. Now that most of the games owners have completed the story plot of the game, it’s time to give us more info on the upcoming DLC for the game. They detailed their DLC plans earlier this year and announced an Expansion Pass, but a teaser video should give insight on what we should expect. I expect a launch sometime this month for Pack 1 or early July at the latest.


Expectation #5: Virtual Console

We will not get a mention of the Switch’s Virtual Console during the Spotlight. Nintendo’s new online service will give us classic games as long as we have the subscription, so I suspect whenever that is showcased more indepth is when we’ll see the inevitable launch of the service.


Expectation #6: Smash Brothers Switch

Smash Bros 4 is currently available on the Wii U & 3DS, but seeing as the Switch is relatively new, it isn’t available on that platform yet. Especially as we are likely years away from a new installment into the series, a port of this game to the Switch would sell systems. It would have to include all the previous DLC released, with the inclusion of Inklings, Spring Man/Ribbon Girl, and possibly the Ice Climbers, with stages revolving around each of the aforementioned “new” characters. Seeing as Nintendo left a blantantly obvious blank spot on their E3 tournaments banner, it is possible we get an announcement of the game during the Spotlight. Since Xenoblade II is rumored to be delayed until next year, this could steal its release window and surely launch in December of this year.


Expectation #7: Xenoblade II

I never expected a game as large as this to release the same year as its initial announcement, leading the recent rumor of a delay to fall into line of what I expected. I expect a full length trailer of the game, showing impressive new footage and locations, while also announcing the needed delay to February 2018.


Final Expectations (#8-9): Pikmin World (4) or Animal Crossing Switch

If you haven’t been able to tell by now from my countless efforts to believe in a Switch game, then you probably know that I’m a HUGE fan of the Animal Crossing franchise. New Leaf blew me away with the vast amount of content, additional updates to the game even to a few months ago, and just how enjoyable it was that I couldn’t wait for the next installment of the series in full HD to blow minds on the Wii U. But then it didn’t happen, and what we did get was a sad attempt to milk the franchise (release a cash grab) called Amiibo Festival, and for a few years the series went silent. We did eventually get a spinoff called Happy Home Designer for the 3DS, but no mention of a sequel to New Leaf was ever discussed. Now, four years after New Leaf’s release, here we are with the Switch the potential happiest home for the franchise. The game was always meant to soothe players and give them a relaxing experience they could enjoy anywhere, with the last home version being on the Wii, it’s the perfect time for the game to make its triumphant return. I wouldn’t expect anything too big, but since there is a Mobile game in development, I could definitely see it happening. This is the longest we’ve gone without a main game, so fans desperately are looking forward to another one. If anything were to come from it from this years event, I would expect a teaser trailer gearing for launch Q1 of 2018. Now onto Pikmin 4, a game we know has been in development (very likely even completed by now) for a few years. Miyamoto has stated countless times back in 2015 about the game nearing completion. I believe it’s finally time to showcase what they have been working on for the Switch. We’ve seen countless leaks about a game titled as Pikmin World for some time now, and since most franshcises are getting drastic changes, I can see this as a fitting name for the next installment. I predict a teaser trailer with a possible release Holiday 2017 or Spring 2018.


Additional Announcements: Platinum Games + Retro Studios

I fully expect to see Retro’s latest product finally shown off sometime during E3. If they’re working on a Metroid (2D) then I’d expect to see it, even if they have a new IP I expect to hear from them in some fashion. Platinum Games won’t be showing off a new Bayonetta anytime soon, but they could have a new IP or revived a past one just for the Switch.


Well, that was my pretty lengthy analysis on what I would love to see come from Nintendo at E3. Checkout our other predictions/news as we cover the latest and greatest Nintendo content daily.

– Ali –


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