Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle listing spotted at

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If you still weren’t convinced it is coming



Dystify has found another listing for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle over at


A lot has been shown about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to anticipate its reveal during either the Nintendo Spotlight presentation on Tuesday or Ubisoft’s E3 conference later on today. If by now you weren’t sure about the game’s existence, then Emily Rogers provides additional proof that it is just a matter of time until the game is officially unveiled.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve had a handful of leaks showing everything from the aesthetics of the game, to the characters and potential plot and specific details about the development history of the game.

Although this is not the most conventional pairing between Nintendo’s most iconic character and Ubisoft’s predecessors to the minions, it is one that we are looking forward to and hoping that it becomes a must-own game.

Follow Emily Rogers’ Twitter account for even more news about various games.

Source: Emily Rogers Twitter


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