Metroid Prime 4 confirmed for Nintendo Switch, but not made by Retro Studios

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Nintendo keeping it close to their chest


Game Informer has clarified a question that most of us had during the Nintendo Spotlight. When the Metroid Prime 4 announcement was made, most of us were wondering why Retro Studios’ name was not prominent anywhere in the title, or at the very least mentioned in passing by Nintendo.

As it turns out, it seems that Metroid Prime 4 is being developed internally by “a talented new development team” at Nintendo.

This raises two questions. Is that internal team specifically made to work on Metroid games going forward? And if Retro Studios isn’t working on Metroid Prime 4, what are they working on?

Although the first concern people might have centers around the quality of the Metroid Prime 4 game now that Retro Studios is not involved in it, this is Nintendo we are talking about. The game is not being outsourced, it is being worked on internally which basically guarantees that Nintendo will devote all resources towards it.

Also, this potentially allows Retro Studios for the first time to work on a completely original IP, instead of being tied to either Metroid or Donkey Kong. Again, this doesn’t guarantee that Retro Studios is working on anything else, but no news is good news as far as this goes.

Are you excited that Metroid is officially returning?

Source: Game Informer Twitter



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