Max Brass Revealed As The First ARMS DLC Fighter

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During the ARMS Nintendo Treehouse Segment at E3 today, a brand new fighter was revealed for ARMS. The one, the only, Max Brass.

Brass, who is described as the greatest champion in the history of the Grand Prix has a very interesting character design. His looks are reminiscent of Captain Falcon and Johnny Bravo and his Arms are actually composed of all the Champion Belts he’s earned throughout the years.

As for his gameplay, Max Cash has the same ability as Spring Man, which is the ability to instantly charge his Arms when under 25% health, however, Brass is considerably slower than most characters. Brass can also not flinch against punches at the cost of some health.

Max Brass will release July of this year as a free update. Nintendo also announced that Spectator Mode will be heading to the game later this month.

Here is the Treehouse Segment with his introduction:

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