E3 2017: the demos you can play right now!

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During E3 Nintendo released 2 demos and one video! Both of the demos are games coming out soon!

First you have the trailer for samus returns which is an impressive one with 3D and worthwhile. (I wish I had a demo though).

Moving on you have the two demos, miitopia is first. So the miitopia one was the entire first chapter of the game which is three hours long about and is really fun. It’s a fun rpg and like tomodachi life, it’s really quirky. The attacks and abilities are original and cool. The classes and gear are also original and fun! Overall it was well made for a game I didn’t consider worth my time. The problem is that it gets repetitive, the combat never has any changes, neither does map. It’s also a bit too one dimensional and lacking. I know it’s a demo but it’s the first chapter of the game so I get a good idea of the game. I understand it was hard to put more in it and all, but for 40$, it’s hard on that wallet especially when you compare other games for that price like Ever Oasis or even Pokémon. If it was 30$ then I’d say definitely! Still though try out the demo now! I’d recommend it no doubt!

Now we have the Ever Oasis demo. My opinion may be biased as I am really hyped for it! So the demo is just a small task ( I don’t know which point in the game) but you talk with Esna explore your oasis, and get out adventuring in the desert. My main concern with the game was the combat and dungeon solving but it’s actually really fun! First of all the desert is gorgeous and with 3D is really cool! So the “dungeon” or however you want to call it, was fun and had good puzzles ( don’t expect zelda level puzzles, this game is still oriented towards children) ( or me) . Still it lasts 30-60 mins which is short compared to miitopia… So great demo and Ever Oasis is everything I hoped it would be! It’s a short but sweet demo!

Overall great stuff for you to try right now, which I recommend and I’ll see you all soon!

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