Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to have simultaneous Worldwide Release

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In an interview with Kotaku, Monolith Soft CEO Tetsuya Takahashi discussed the localization process for Xenoblade Chronicles X and why the decision to change the “bood slider” on the North American version of the game, which caused some backlash as purists (or perverts) complained that it had been removed.

In terms of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there’s been a few different changes that were made to the game, but my personality is such that I’m not a stickler for products that I’ve made, so I don’t really mind what the final product turns out to be in that sense. I really didn’t mind much at all, actually.

When asked specifically about the breast slider, he replied about how localization teams think in regards to their specific regions.

As a developer, I do feel like it’d be ideal to be able to adjust the content so that it’s culturally acceptable, whether it’s in the US or in the EU. For example, there was discussion about the breast slider. Jokingly, I said, “Well, would it help if we had a crotch slider for the male?” Obviously it was a joke, but they responded obviously it’s not gonna work out. I do realize there’s a cultural difference between what Japanese people think and what the rest of the world thinks.”

Takahashi revealed to Kotaku that Nintendo is aiming to release Xenoblade Chronicles 2 simultaneously worldwide, which are very welcomed news, considering how long it took for the original Xenoblade Chronicles to make it to the US after its release in Japan. (Hint: Almost 2 years)

We’re really building [the game] as we’re in discussion. Whereas for the past title, the Japanese version had already been pretty much close to completion when this [localization] discussion started.

Head over to the Kotaku article for the full interview with Tetsuya Takahashi

Source: Kotaku

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